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The Incubator of Crypto Art (I○C△) explores and develops crypto art experiences in the Metaverse with forward-thinking artists, technologists, and developers. It will serve three core functions:

1. exhibiting the work of emerging artists

2. showcasing unique stories, projects, and creative process

3. stewarding radical creative practices and technological experimentation


I○C△ reaches across digital worlds and communities in order to foster artistic and technological development in the Metaverse. We currently exhibit within a multi-parcel district in Somnium Space

Current Initiatives

I○C△ partners with organizations that cultivate crypto art through unique and innovative approaches:

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IRL Art is a collective of artists and art directors focused on high impact creative projects. The team manages an NFT gallery and community venue based in Denver, Colorado. They are passionate about bridging physical >><< digital, education, and community wealth building.

2611 Walnut St. Denver CO 80205
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VerticalCrypto Art: Native Virtual Crypto Art Residency

VerticalCrypto Art native virtual crypto art residency is an experimental project which aims to educate and support creative individuals on how to approach the crypto-art space, nurture new forms of collaborative expression and create a decentralized community of creatives through the creation of a dedicated educational and mentorship program

London, UK
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District XYZ

DISTRICT XYZ is a metaverse district and design lab made to explore a new age of virtual architecture. It begins as a creative contest series for artists, designers and architects looking to explore, imagine and build within the metaverse

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Nous Institute

The Nous Institute is a budding research organization creating platforms that trigger novel human thought within the minds of users. Their family of machine learning models aims to transform machine learning into a tool that cultivates creativity in human beings in symbiosis with human ideas, rather than existing as a more efficient replacement.

Meta York City (MYC)
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CryptoArg is an ethereal network of artists that encourages creation, cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

Argentina >>
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The Guild

The Guild is a global family of futurists, agents of change, parents, activists, punks, developers, artists.

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AfrofutureDAO builds & maintains NFT distribution channels that provide Africa’s artists and historical assets a platform to successfully launch into Web3. They invite, curate, and commission Afrofuturism projects with artists across the continent.

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Chimbites is an international trans-led network of artists that grew from Colombia. Their goal is to provide a decentralized digital platform to showcase, empower and connect artists and social leaders while fundraising for our communities. Through the exchange of knowledge and the redistribution of resources, Chimbites aim to amplify the voices of Queer and BIPOC individuals and communities around the world.





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