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The Incubator of Crypto Art (I○C△) explores and develops crypto art experiences in the Metaverse with forward-thinking artists, technologists, and developers. It will serve three core functions:

1. exhibiting the work of emerging artists

2. showcasing unique stories, projects, and creative process

3. stewarding radical creative practices and technological experimentation


I○C△ reaches across digital worlds and communities in order to foster artistic and technological development in the Metaverse. We currently exhibit within a multi-parcel district in Somnium Space

Current Initiatives

I○C△ partners with organizations that cultivate crypto art through unique and innovative approaches:

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IRL Underground is a community hub for innovators, educators, newbies just beginning their crypto art journey. They are focused on cryptocurrency, decentralization, open-source technology, and sharing tools with artists and their community that eliminate those annoying “middle-men.”

2611 Walnut St. Denver CO 80205
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VerticalCrypto Art: Native Virtual Crypto Art Residency

VerticalCrypto Art native virtual crypto art residency is an experimental project which aims to educate and support creative individuals on how to approach the crypto-art space, nurture new forms of collaborative expression and create a decentralized community of creatives through the creation of a dedicated educational and mentorship program

London, UK
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District XYZ

DISTRICT XYZ is a metaverse district and design lab made to explore a new age of virtual architecture. It begins as a creative contest series for artists, designers and architects looking to explore, imagine and build within the metaverse

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Nous Institute

The Nous Institute is a budding research organization creating platforms that trigger novel human thought within the minds of users. Their family of machine learning models aims to transform machine learning into a tool that cultivates creativity in human beings in symbiosis with human ideas, rather than existing as a more efficient replacement.

Meta York City (MYC)
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CryptoArg is an ethereal network of artists that encourages creation, cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

Argentina >>
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The Guild

The Guild is a global family of futurists, agents of change, parents, activists, punks, developers, artists.

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AfrofutureDAO builds & maintains NFT distribution channels that provide Africa’s artists and historical assets a platform to successfully launch into Web3. They invite, curate, and commission Afrofuturism projects with artists across the continent.




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